Affordable Math tutoring, K - 12th grade State Standards Math
We teach math the way the Nation Council of Teachers of Mathematics recommends! Prepare For The Annual Exam: Every State, Every Grade The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) requires students be tested annually by their state to ensure required skills for each grade have been mastered. State Standards Math was created to help teachers and parents ensure students are prepared for the annual math exam. Because each state has its own standards, we created 51 different programs (one for D.C. too) that address the required skills, by grade, in the exact order created by your state.

You can start at the beginning of the program for your grade and follow it to the end or you can confidently skip around (by using Fast Tracking) because we assign all applicable lessons to each standard. At the same time, we designed our system for efficiency and to tailor the program to each student within the state's requirements:

  • To eliminate unnecessary review, we skip lessons for skills the Assessment Test identifies as mastered
  • To avoid redundancy (broad standards can cause the same lesson to apply to more than one standard) we skip the lesson if it was completed for another standard
  • We exclude subjects (e.g. Calculus) and standards that are not required for the exam except where lessons for that standard will help in understanding a different part of that standard that is required. [We provide a copy of your state standard on the Fast Tracking page for your convenience.]
  • Our two math programs are integrated: once a lesson is completed or Fast Tracked in one program it is skipped in the other one

Use It In Many Ways

This one-of-a-kind FREE program is an ideal tool for teachers, parents, students, homeschoolers, and tutors. It can be used in multiple ways:
  • Independently, as a comprehensive math course that prepares students for the state exam [ See our Sample Lessons and Curriculum]
  • To supplement school curriculum with homework assignments or extra help on troublesome concepts
  • To test preparation levels: enroll, take the Assessment Test, and Fast Tracking will identify mastered and un-mastered required skills (our lessons are also immediately available to address un-mastered skills)
  • As a review or teaching tool for specific standards (you can select specific standards using Fast Tracking)

The difference between our two math programs is the curriculum path: State Standards Math addresses all grade level requirements in the order your state selected; Personal Math addresses math skills (and skill gaps) in a proven, logically sequenced order (like building blocks) that is not limited by grade. Students with skill gaps have difficulty mastering grade level material, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, advanced students lose focus on insufficiently challenging material. State Standards Math is an extremely effective stand-alone tool to help teachers and students prepare for the exam. And when used in tandem with Personal Math, it can result in improved performance by both types of students on the required annual exam.

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