The easy-to-use...
MIND sprinting Dashboard
Manage all your students from ONE easy-to-use page
The Dashboard is an easy-to-use gateway to all of MIND sprinting's features. It's the page you
arrive at when you log in. And here you print lessons, view progress, and enter results for every
student you have enrolled!
Every student you enrolled is listed here. Switch students and the lessons change too.

Skip lessons or select a topic to study with Fast Tracking.

Click the printer icon or lesson number to print the lesson.

An extra practice lesson with each lesson.

View and print lesson answers here.

Switch subjects and the lessons change too. Select Personal Math, State Standards Math, Reading Comprehension, or Reading Excellence.

Quickly view a transcript or progress report.

Parent Pointers for this unit.

Visual calculator shows parents detailed solutions and helps locate mistakes.

Easily report lesson results.

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