Reading tutoring, 4th - 12th grade Reading Comprehension
The reading selections encourage rereading and reflection on the material, so that by steadily working through the program the student internalizes the skills of successful readers. - Elizabeth Cowling, Teacher The Key To Excellent Reading Skills For Life
A Gradual Progression The best way to improve reading comprehension is to read, read, and read some more. And while doing so a student must learn to focus on what was read. Our program starts the student at the appropriate level and gradually increases the difficulty of the lessons. This allows students to improve their vocabulary, comprehension skills, and self-esteem at the same time.

Comprehension is Essential

It goes without saying that you must understand what you read. That is why we devote an entire program to improving this skill. Good reading comprehension skills are essential for success in school and in life.

The Lesson Plan

We assign students short stories to be read silently and out loud. Then they must answer questions about what they read without looking at the story. This teaches students to focus on what the text communicates - both directly and inferentially - and improves their ability to understand everything they read.
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