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You control your child’s learning with...
Fast Tracking
More control over your child's learning with our easy to use Fast Tracking feature
Take ControlUse Fast Tracking to take our system off “auto-pilot”. Instead of MINDsprinting choosing the next lesson for your child based on his or her performance, you can choose what lessons and units your child studies. In Sync With SchoolYou can use Fast Tracking to make sure your child is studying the exact same topics that he or she is learning in school. Need a little extra help on multiplication? Just Fast Track them to the right unit and help is on the way. When you’re done, place them back in their tailored program and let our automated system take over. A Word of CautionFast Tracking allows you to depart from our proven curriculum path. For best results, use sparingly and return the system to “auto-pilot” whenever possible.

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