What makes our test so special? About Our Assessment Test
How well are they really doing in school? Find out and help them improve! A Comprehensive Test MINDsprinting's FREE Assessment Tests immediately provide you with important diagnostic information and enable us to create programs tailored to the student. Tests are required for: Personal Math or State Standards Math (one test tailors both programs simultaneously); Reading Excellence; and Reading Comprehension.
  • Math Test: It is extremely comprehensive - there are more than 40 questions for most grades (and significantly more for the upper grades). Such extensive testing is necessary for us to identify skill gaps and assign lessons to remedy them (each incorrect Test answer causes lessons aligned with the skill tested to be assigned). As a result, students in the same grade may have completely different programs - but each one will have a program tailored to his/her abilities and needs.
  • Reading Tests: Grade level determinations are criterion-referenced and based upon survey results of federal and state standards and textbooks (actual grade requirements may vary in your state or school district). All students start at the beginning of the level diagnosed by the Test: in Reading Excellence this ensures proper integration and mastery of all skills needed by new readers; in Reading Comprehension skills are improved by doing as many grade level lessons as possible.

Take It As Often As You Like

We recognize that "bad test days" and foolish mistakes happen, but when they happen on the Test students may end up in a lower reading level or be assigned lessons for math skills they have already mastered. Since MIND sprinting was designed with ultimate flexibility in mind, we provide you two easy options depending on your enrollment status in the event that happens:
  1. Re-take the test (with parental supervision recommended): If the student is not enrolled, re-take it from the homepage (make sure to use the same email address you intend to register when you enroll so you can select the Test results you want for your tailored program); or if the student is enrolled, reset the program (see the User Guide for more info) and re-take it from your Dashboard.
  2. Use Fast Tracking (if enrolled only) to easily make adjustments to the program that you deem appropriate.

You can take the Tests from the homepage as often as you like!

Take the FREE Assessment Test now!

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