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A Solid Foundation: True Understanding Math concepts can be thought of as building blocks. Our Tailored Program ensures that all necessary blocks are in place, establishing a strong foundation for academic success. MINDsprinting students truly understand concepts instead of just memorizing results. Understanding builds confidence, which is vital to the development of self esteem.

Assigned Lessons

We assign lessons in the Tailored Program and the State Standards Program based upon a student's performance. You can easily switch back and forth between them at any time.

Tailored Program

Our FREE Assessment Test creates a program tailored to your child's unique abilities. Students learn at their own pace without peer pressure and only advance when skills are mastered. And since our students master entire skills sets at one time, they often are ahead of their classmates in school.

State Standards Program

Make sure your child is prepared for the state exam. We address the skills your state required in each grade. Discover if your child will be ready - or if he/she needs to brush up on earlier learned skills (which is easily done by switching to the Tailored Program).

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