Assigned lessons with flexibility:
Fast Tracking
Maximum Flexibility Fast Tracking is a special tool we created to give you maximum flexibility in all
MIND sprinting programs. Fast Tracking allows you to do many things:
  • Move around in the curriculum - forwards or backwards - as you please (advance/lower grade levels, skip lessons, or select math skills to study).
  • Undo completed or Fast Tracked lessons if you want to assign them.

Fast Tracking is simple to use: choose a Unit, check off lessons, click "Submit" and the lesson you selected instantly appears on your Dashboard for printing. It also avoids needless repetition: when you Fast Track a lesson in one math program it is also skipped in the other math program. And teachers who want all their students to study the same state standard can Fast Track the entire class at one time!

The Ability To Adapt

Many of our users never use Fast Tracking because we assign the lessons. However, we recognize that there are times you need flexibility to "fine tune" a student's program. For example:
  • Our programs are designed for the "average" student so that we can help all students. Where the "average student" requires four practice lessons to master a certain math skill, your student might only need two lessons. Fast Tracking allows you to jump ahead; OR
  • If a student makes foolish errors on the Assessment Test he/she may end up in a lower reading level or be assigned math lessons for skills already mastered. Fast Tracking allows you to easily adjust the program instead of resetting it and requiring the student to take the Test again.

On the Fast Tracking page you can obtain a copy of your state's standards so you can see how the lessons we assign address the requirements of your state. In short, Fast Tracking ensures that all MINDsprinting programs can be easily used by everyone!

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