Up-to-the-minute... Customized Reports
Different Reports For Varying Needs MINDsprinting recognizes the importance of tracking a student's performance. So we provide parents, teachers, and upper grade students (self-enrolled and those you grant permission only) the ability to access multiple reports at the click of a button:

  • Transcripts: Detailed reports of a student's performance by Unit, including lesson titles, date completed, percentage correct, total number of questions, and time taken.
  • Progress Reports: A motivational tool for younger students that lists all lessons and homework completed in a month, by date, with an illustrative bar graph.
  • Custom Reports: A comprehensive report that contains all the information in a Transcript AND all other information relative to a student's (or all students') performance - all of which you can easily see at a glance and customize to your needs. Simply click buttons to view more detail (e.g. average program percentage, average unit percentage, actual lesson scores, Unit/lesson titles and numbers, lessons Fast Tracked or date completed).

And all of these reports can be quickly and easily printed or emailed to third parties!

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