Math tutoring, K - 12th grade: FREE! Personal Math
A Personalized Math Program Our comprehensive FREE Assessment Test tailors a program to your child's abilities. Each student learns at a different pace, and for a variety of reasons, some students fall behind while others can't maximize their potential. Our Personal Math program provides each student with a course of study based upon his/her abilities.

An Innovative Learning Tool

We assign lessons from our proven curriculum [See our Sample Lessons and Curriculum], enabling each student to learn at his/her own pace without peer pressure. We also provide a companion "Homework" with each lesson: for those who pass the lesson it is optional; for those who do not pass, we recommended it be completed. MINDsprinting's Personal Math:
  • Achieves mastery of skills. We teach students to recognize fundamental structure and pattern, resulting in mastery. Mastery increases mental agility -students automatically select the right tool to solve problems.
  • Maximizes cognitive development potential. Memorizing abstract number concepts (e.g. 2 + 2 = 4) often results in memorizing the answer without understanding the process or the inverse relationship (e.g. 4 - 2 = 2). We teach students to understand what is actually occurring instead of just memorizing results.
  • Uses assessment as a positive tool. We constantly assess student understanding. Lesson results determine the next lesson, and students only advance when they understand the material; a Unit Test must be passed to advance to the next Unit. But there is no stigma in not passing; our system determines the appropriate lessons to re-assign and the student can privately review the material until it is mastered.
  • Improves student self-esteem.  Mastering math skills builds trust in one's abilities, which is essential to building self-esteem.

You can start at the beginning of a tailored program and follow it to the end or you can select topics of your choice using Fast Tracking. Our two math programs are integrated: once a lesson is done or Fast Tracked in Personal Math it is skipped in the State Standards Math program (but you can opt to retake lessons using Fast Tracking).

The difference between our two math programs is the curriculum path: Personal Math addresses math skills (and skill gaps) in a proven, logically sequenced order (like building blocks) that is not limited by grade; State Standards Math addresses all grade level requirements in the order your state selected. Personal Math enables remedial students to fill skill gaps from earlier grades so they can master grade level material and it challenges enrichment students to excel. And when used in tandem with State Standards Math it can result in improved performance by both types of students on the annual exam.

Math concepts can be thought of as building blocks. MINDsprinting's Personal Math ensures that all the necessary blocks are in place, establishing a strong foundation for academic success. Because our logically sequenced curriculum often results in students mastering entire skills sets at one time, they often are ahead of the curriculum requirements for their grade in school.

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