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You Want To Reach Our Visitors MINDsprinting users represent a valuable market for advertisers. Our users are:
  • families with children ages 1-18
  • parents with college age children
  • teachers and education professionals
They come back to week after week, year after year. They are wealthy, engaged people who care about their family and their family's education. The average MINDsprinting parent:
  • individually, makes $50,000 - $70,000 per year
  • is married and has more than one child
  • owns a house
  • has children that are high school or college age

We Deliver Targeted Advertising To Get Your Message Out delivers hundreds of thousands of impressions per month to thousands of unique visitors
  • 75% of that traffic is female
  • 80% of that traffic comes from North America
On top of that, we can target your advertisements to help you get a positive return on your investment. We can target your ads based on:
  • age group
  • gender
  • zip code
  • profession
  • income range
As well as targeting your ads specifically towards any one of the following groups:
  • children using our program
  • parents using our program
  • teachers using our program
Click here to learn more about the kinds of people that visit, or view our advertising rate card for pricing options.

The Halo Effect

While advertising with MINDsprinting is effective, supporting our goal of free tutoring for all children can give your company or product other benefits as well. Think of the positive PR, press, and good faith you will be building with customers by supporting our mission! An advertisement or sponsorship here gives you more than simply exposure, it gives you corporate citizenship. Our rates are competitive and the benefits can be invaluable.

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