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MINDsprinting User Demographics We deliver impressions to a dedicated and valuable group of users. According to our annual user demographic survey:

Of the parents and teachers using our program:

  • 76% are female.
  • Their average age is 35-44.
  • Their average personal income is $50,000-70,000 per year.
  • 83% are married.
  • 95% have children.
  • 82% have more than one child.
  • 81% own a house.
  • The majority have attended or graduated college.

Of the families using our program:

  • The average age of a child in a family using our program is 10-12, though families using our program have children from ages 1-18.
  • 41% of families using our program contain high school or college age children.

We are able to target your advertisements based on these demographics, allowing you to reach exactly the customer you are interested in. A full copy of our latest user demographic survey results is available here.

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