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Time Tested Curriculum Worksheets are not new - they have been used beneficially for centuries going back to the ancient Greeks - and our curricula has been honed for over 20 years and helped hundreds of thousands of students. It has also been approved for NCLB tutoring purposes. We provide you over 18,000 pages of lessons.
The 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia all have different requirements for their annual exams. Our State Standards Math program addresses all the skills required, by grade, in the exact order used by your jurisdiction. Our Personal Math program ensures that all prior grade skills have been mastered, allows advanced students to maximize their abilities, and is sequenced in the manner proven successful in 20+ years of tutoring math skills. The programs are integrated - once a lesson is completed in one program, it is not re-assigned in another program (but you may elect to re-take it using Fast Tracking). Students can take both programs simultaneously, switching back and forth as they want. Because the programs compliment each other: to master grade level material for the exam, a remedial student must first remedy skill gaps and an enrichment student needs challenges to remain focused.

Our Reading Excellence program teaches a child how to read using a combination of phonics and psycho-linguistics.

Our Reading Comprehension program focuses on improving comprehension and vocabulary by reading grade appropriate short stories and answering questions about them. Reviewing a sample lesson is the best way to see how this program works.

View the individual curriculum for each of our programs at right and try a few of our sample lessons. And remember - all of our programs are available to you for FREE!

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