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MINDsprinting Fact Sheet

What we do:

MINDsprinting a specially designed, tutoring program for K-12 Math and Reading that: assigns lessons (based upon a student�s starting skills and subsequent achievements), and conveniently delivers them over the Internet, and it's FREE.


Every enrollee receives our proven, customized programs in Reading and Math. Most significantly, this includes our new, one-of-a-kind, tailored, State Standards Math program that addresses all of the skills, by grade and by state, which students must know for their state's annual proficiency exam. This FREE tool helps parents, teachers, and schools ensure students are ready for the NCLB required exam in their state.


Our content has been honed over 20+ years, approved for NCLB tutoring purposes, and used beneficially by hundreds of thousands of students.� We provide comprehensive, FREE Assessment Tests that report diagnostic results promptly upon completion.� From the results we create a customized program for the student (so each student�s program is tailored to his or her skills).� Because students start at their respective skill levels, learn at their own pace, and advance only when they have mastered the skill being studied (constant evaluation occurs to ensure mastery), MINDsprinting is ideal for enrichment and remedial purposes � for children and adults.��And since we assign lessons, parents and teachers do not have to create lesson plans (although our Fast Tracking tool allows them to do so if desired).  


Students learn via printed worksheets (like Kumon) - but MINDsprinting is FREE (versus the $85-$110 per subject charged by Kumon or $500 per month charged by tutoring centers) and no driving is required. Students do not need to sit in front of a computer to use our programs; assignments can be obtained anywhere there is Internet access and a printer.�


Each student receives two math programs; the difference between them is the curriculum path: State Standards Math addresses all grade level requirements in the order each state selected; Personal Math addresses math skills (and skill gaps) in a proven, logically sequenced order that is not limited by grade. Both programs are tailored to the individual student�s knowledge, and they are coordinated so that completed lessons in one program are not re-assigned in the other. As students with skill gaps may struggle with grade level material, and advanced students are easily bored, using the programs in tandem enables all students to be prepared for the exam while simultaneously remediating and challenging them. Or the programs can be used independently as they are extremely effective stand-alone tools.� That�s the beauty of MINDsprinting: it provides parents and teachers with many options � and they are all FREE.


We also provide FREE tutoring in Reading via our two proven programs: Reading Excellence (K-3), which teaches children how to read and write from the very beginning; and Reading Comprehension (4-12), which improves students' understanding of what they read.


MINDsprinting is easy to use and has many convenient features.� No training is required - a quick enrollment process and you�re ready to start. Teachers can manage an entire class from one page: they can alter a student�s tailored program, select a particular skill or state standard for one or all to study, or view detailed Transcripts or custom reports they design (both of which are easily printed and emailed to others). Everything is readily available at the click of a button.


The brand is the brainchild of Steven and Douglas Golden, brothers who have combined their respective careers in business and law to provide quality, convenient tutoring using the Internet. �Launched as an affordable fee-for-service site ($15 per month) in 2005, they have now been able to accomplish their goal of providing quality tutoring, for FREE, to every student.

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Who we are:

Steve Golden (founder/CEO) was the former Chairman/CEO and founder of CoolSavings, one of the most recognized brands on the Internet. AT CoolSavings he built a registered member base of over 15 million shoppers and grew CoolSavings to be the #1 coupon site and consistently one of the top 50 most visited sites on the Internet that culminated in a successful IPO.


Douglas J. Golden (founder/President) is an attorney with over 25 years experience.  His transactional practice involved a variety of industries and business operations, and included nascent ventures that became very successful businesses.  He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Law School. 



Company facts:

  • launched December 2005
  • MINDsprinting currently partners with school districts, tutoring services, associations, unions, and corporations (including UAW-Ford, AFGE, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America).
  • MINDsprinting tutors thousands of students of all ages in the United States and around the world.


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