What is MINDsprinting?
How much does MINDsprinting cost? How does it compare to other programs?
Is the program right for me?
How does MINDsprinting work?
I have questions about specific program features.
Is the program right for me?

Who should use MINDsprinting?
How old do you have to be?
How often should a student do an assignment?
How much time do assignments usually take?
Does an adult have to spend time helping a student?
How long should students stay in MINDsprinting?
Is MINDsprinting easy to use?
Anyone wanting or needing to improve their skills!

 MINDsprinting is ideal for:

(1) students who are capable of excelling but are not sufficiently challenged in school;
(2) students who need a little help improving their skills to the level of their classmates (or State guidelines);
(3) remedial students; and
(4) adults wanting to brush up on or improve their core skills.


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