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June: Summer Boredom

by Tabitha Grace Smith

It’s June and most kids across the United States are out of school or are soon to be out of school. Most parents are well acquainted with the wonderful phenomenon that happens shortly after school lets out: Summer boredom. Choruses of “I’m bored” will soon ring in every household and parents will be stuck with the daunting task of thinking up something new to do. Thankfully, there are a ton of resources available for parents looking for fun, creative, and (maybe even) educational activities for their child to do this summer.

CreativeKidsatHome.com – has a great list of creative projects for kids to work on at home. Combining some of these crafts with books on the subjects they address (such as the fossil activity with the book “A Dinosaur Named Sue”) can add layers of learning to a very simple project.

KidsDomain.com – features a ton of activities, crafts, and backyard games parents and kids can do during the summer. There’s even a great list of recipes that are perfect for barbeques, parties, or just enjoying at home.

KidSourceOnline.com – has a great list of articles about keeping the summer busy, educational, and interesting for the child in your home. There’s even a list of new activities to do each day that you could write on the family calendar.

Family Fun – Plan on going camping this summer? Check out this fun list of camping tips, camp songs, recipes, activities, and crafts for the outdoors!

Kaboose – is chock full of articles for families, for moms, and for kids. Kaboose features tips from the website writers and users like a recent fun article for mom on getting your feet ready for sandal-weather. For kids, there are summer printables great for the car or for just keeping busy. There’s even a guide to stress-free family travel.

Stretcher.com – has a great article by a real life mom on 200+ activities to do with kids during the summer. Tasks range from blowing bubbles to cleaning under the bed!

Amazing Moms – has a great list of art projects that most kids can do independently or with some help from a parent or guardian. One of my favorites involves painting with an actual fish. Check it out!

AceFitness.com – This PDF contains great physical activities for kids to do during the summer. A lot of these activities can be done at your local community center. If you don’t have a local community center, ask parents in the area for places they suggest might be used for classes and sport teams, or check your local library.

This list is just a small subset of the great information available to parents to help them keep kids busy over the summer. Check out your favorite parenting magazines, blogs, and websites for more great tips and tricks!

All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. Reasearch shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of the summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of summer vacation.
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Allowed to learn at their own pace, students become more confident in their capability and more motivated to engage in the learning process. Infused into the classroom, this confidence and motivation is a potent agent of change in other childrens attitudes towards education.
-  Dr. Anna T. Cianciolo
 Senior Research Scientist at Global Information Systems Technology, Inc. and a former postdoctoral associate in the PACE Center at Yale University

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