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All inquiries please contact Steve Golden:

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Phone:  561.694.9007

MINDsprinting Fact Sheet

What we do:

MINDsprinting is a specially designed K-12 tutoring program that: assigns lessons (based upon a student’s starting skills and subsequent achievements) and conveniently delivers them over the Internet. It’s perfect for enrichment and remedial purposes – for children and adults.  And MINDsprinting only costs $15-$20 per subject per month for unlimited access (vs. $85-$110 per subject or $500 per month charged by tutoring centers).


Anyone with Internet access and a printer can use our self-paced Math and Reading programs (our core curriculum has been honed for over 20 years). Our programs are provided in a “worksheet” format (the same format used by Kumon in its tutoring centers but parents don’t have to drive anywhere).  And our math program teaches students in the manner recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in 2006.


Students can take a FREE interactive Assessment Test on our homepage, www.mindsprinting.com, which analyzes their skill levels and determines the appropriate starting point in the program (e.g. the Math Test identifies the highest skills mastered, un-mastered lower skills, and then we create a specially tailored program for that student based upon the results).  Parents receive an extensive diagnostic Test Results report on screen immediately upon completion of the Test.  


MINDsprinting is simple to use: you simply log on, enter your password, and click on the next assigned lesson to print it.  Assignments take less than 20-minutes and there is no limit to the number of lessons a student may do. The lesson is corrected (using the Answer Key we provide), the results reported by filling in 2 blanks, and we do the rest!  Most important, students are continually assessed to ensure understanding; they do not advance to higher levels until mastery has occurred.


And, MINDsprinting has incentives and rewards: great prizes, printable Achievement Awards, and improved self-esteem (it has been proven to result from this type of tutoring).  Among MINDsprinting’s many other user-friendly features are detailed Transcripts (which can be easily shared with teachers) and Fast Tracking, a unique easy-to-use tool that allows users to move back and forth through our curriculum if they so desire.  For as little as 5-minutes a day, MINDsprinting enables parents to be involved in their children’s education.

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Who we are:

Steve Golden (founder/CEO) was the former Chairman/CEO and founder of CoolSavings, one of the most recognized brands on the Internet. AT CoolSavings he built a registered member base of over 15 million shoppers and grew CoolSavings to be the #1 coupon site and consistently one of the top 50 most visited sites on the Internet that culminated in a successful IPO.


Douglas J. Golden (founder/President) is an attorney with over 25 years experience.  His transactional practice involved a variety of industries and business operations, and included nascent ventures that became very successful businesses.  He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Law School. 



Company facts:

  • MINDsprinting.com launched December 2005
  • MINDsprinting currently partners with school districts, tutoring services, associations, unions, and corporations (including UAW-Ford, AFGE, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America).
  • MINDsprinting tutors thousands of students of all ages in the United States and around the world.


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MINDsprinting Fact Sheet

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