Values and Benefits
Here's your opportunity to get involved in your child's education.
For just minutes a day, MINDsprinting offers you a simple, yet meaningful way to get involved in your child’s education, at never-before-offered levels of affordability and convenience.
MINDsprinting delivers...
A Proven Curriculum
We give you a proven core curriculum that has been honed for more than 20 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of students of all ages improve their skills and excel in education, and in life.
An Assessment of Student Skill Level
MINDsprinting's proprietary Assessment Test determines a current level in vital core skills, which we outline for you in a printable report. The results are used to place students in the level that is appropriate for their skill level so they can learn at their own pace.
"Directed" Lesson Plans for Peace of Mind
MINDsprinting is a "directed" program - you don't have to design your own curriculum and pick daily lessons. We assign each lesson and manage the learning process for you. And we provide you with Answer Keys to quickly correct the lessons making it easy to play an active role in a student's education.
The Convenience of a Printed Worksheets Program
MINDsprinting is not an online interactive program. Lessons are printed for the student to do the work and learn the time-proven way: by hand. And lessons can be obtained (and the results reported) anywhere you can access the Internet and a printer (e.g. home, work, school, community center).
Learning Made Fun!
Because we start students at a level that is appropriate for them individually, and allow them to progress at their own pace, we eliminate the stress and fear of failure that can inhibit learning in group settings. This creates an opportunity to improve self esteem and give a feeling of forward progress.
Student Encouragement and Rewards
In addition to the joy of learning, MINDsprinting students can earn: (1) a printable certificate upon completion of each unit; and (2) stars for completing certain lessons and homework assignments, which can be redeemed for prizes from our online catalogue.
Mastery in Math and Reading Comprehension
We help students master core skills, which are essential building blocks for future learning. We do this by teaching them how to learn, using content and graphics that actively encourage higher order thinking - and therefore cognitive and emotional development.
Track Progress from a Single Location
MINDsprinting provides all the tools you need to monitor academic growth from one central location, your online Dashboard. View the number of lessons completed, the date and score of the lessons, and even the Star Bank total.
Reporting Tools
At the click of a button you can produce a Progress Report, which is a great motivational tool for students, as well as a detailed Transcript, which is a very valuable tool for teachers. Reports can be easily emailed or printed.
An Affordable Solution
MINDsprinting is very affordable resource for supplemental education. Our math and reading comprehension programs are now available for a fraction of the cost of learning centers and other tutoring programs - just $15 per month per subject. Register now!

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