What is MINDsprinting?
How much does MINDsprinting cost? How does it compare to other programs?
Is the program right for me?
How does MINDsprinting work?
I have questions about specific program features.
I have questions about specific program features.

Is MINDsprinting available in other languages?
What is “Fast Tracking”?
Are there incentives for students to do assignments?
What is the Problem Solver?
Can progress be monitored?
What if I have additional questions?
Teacher Specific: Do you have any materials that I can pass along to my students’ parents?
Can I use MINDsprinting with a pop-up blocker running on my computer? How do I turn it off?
Why doesn't my assignments appear on my screen when I click on the print icon on My Dashboard?
Do I need special software to use MINDsprinting?
Do you collect personally identifiable information from children?
Yes, but you may not be able to receive important information in many different places on our site. For example, after math lesson results are entered, a pop-up message appears to inform you if we recommend the corresponding Homework be done before advancing to the next lesson. And Achievement Certificates are only accessible via pop-up windows. WE DO NOT USE POP-UPS FOR ADVERTISING PURPOSES.

Because there are so many different pop-up blockers, we can’t be sure how you turn yours off (or set it to allow pop-ups on our site). But we can suggest that you (i) check for a button on the tool bar just above the top of the MINDsprinting page on your screen, (ii) contact the maker of your pop-up blocker, or (iii) if nothing appears after you click a button on our site, try clicking the same button again while holding down the Control (Ctrl) key.

If you are not sure whether a pop-up blocker is running or not, or how to turn it off, make sure to hold down the Control (Ctrl) key when clicking on any link or button (e.g. when submitting lesson results). If you forget to do so, and the information you are seeking does not appear on your screen, just click on the link or button again while holding down the Control (Ctrl) key.

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