What is MINDsprinting?
How much does MINDsprinting cost? How does it compare to other programs?
Is the program right for me?
How does MINDsprinting work?
I have questions about specific program features.
I have questions about specific program features.

Is MINDsprinting available in other languages?
What is “Fast Tracking”?
Are there incentives for students to do assignments?
What is the Problem Solver?
Can progress be monitored?
What if I have additional questions?
Teacher Specific: Do you have any materials that I can pass along to my students’ parents?
Yes. We provide incentives for students to complete 3 lessons per subject each week (a lesson is considered “complete” when the results are reported to us). But to avoid “burn out” we do not encourage them to overdo. Students earn stars that can be redeemed for prizes from our online Catalogue. Two (2) stars may be earned on each of the three weekly lessons in a subject (a limit of 6 stars per subject). In math, students earn: (a) 1 star for completing a lesson; and (b) 1 star for achieving 80% correct or more on that lesson, OR if they score lower, 1 star for completing the related homework. In reading comprehension, students earn 2 stars for completing each of three lessons per week. Students can also print a Certificate upon completion of each reading comprehension and math unit.
Can I use MINDsprinting with a pop-up blocker running on my computer? How do I turn it off?
Why doesn't my assignments appear on my screen when I click on the print icon on My Dashboard?
Do I need special software to use MINDsprinting?
Do you collect personally identifiable information from children?

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