What is MINDsprinting?
How much does MINDsprinting cost? How does it compare to other programs?
Is the program right for me?
How does MINDsprinting work?
I have questions about specific program features.
I have questions about specific program features.

Is MINDsprinting available in other languages?
What is “Fast Tracking”?
Are there incentives for students to do assignments?
What is the Problem Solver?
Can progress be monitored?
What if I have additional questions?
Teacher Specific: Do you have any materials that I can pass along to my students’ parents?
Can I use MINDsprinting with a pop-up blocker running on my computer? How do I turn it off?
Why doesn't my assignments appear on my screen when I click on the print icon on My Dashboard?
Do I need special software to use MINDsprinting?
Do you collect personally identifiable information from children?
NO!  First, we do not collect any information about an enroller or a student unless the registration process is completed.  Second, only an adult can complete the registration process (a credit card or checking account is required).  So the only information about a student we collect during registration is provided by an adult.  Further, when a student is identified during registration as being 13 or younger, on every page on our site where a child could provide personally identifiable information (and there are very few such pages), we require the enroller to enter his/her user ID and password before that information can be sent to us or anywhere else.  MINDsprinting is extremely protective of your privacy (see our  Privacy Policy for more details).

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