MINDsprinting offers you a convenient and affordable program to support your child's remedial and enrichment education needs at your child's own pace.

Beginning with an assessment test, this worksheets program tailors a lesson plan for each child, helping them master valuable skill sets in math and reading comprehension and monitors the results.

All you need is access to a computer, a printer and the internet. MINDsprinting makes it easy for you to play a valuable role in improving your child's education and building their self-confidence.

Printable Worksheets

at .50 cents a day,
for a proven curriculum,
a fraction of the cost of
leading learning centers.
($15 per month, per subject)


A subscription to MINDsprinting will get you on your way to academic success with our guided program.  Get started!


If your child is struggling or just not being challenged enough this printable worksheets program can help.
View a sample curriculum.



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