MINDsprinting: A Sprint to Excellence 

I write a lot about the sad state of education, both locally and nationally: the mismanagement, mediocrity and overall malaise - there's an alliterative trifecta! - that forces parents and students to find something better, an alternative that works. Well, I implore you to check out MINDsprinting (www.mindsprinting.com), a totally FREE math and reading program that is comprehensive, user friendly, fully accessible AND the perfect complement for the new state standards that children must fulfill. Again, I implore you to use this service because 1) the quality is exceptional, 2) the offerings are incredibly extensive, 3) the format is educationally rewarding and 4) the results speak for themselves. I've already recommended MINDsprinting to parents who want to help their children improve crucial math and reading skills; I particularly like the way MINDsprinting enables parents and teachers to track a student's progress, which is both necessary and convenient. To repeat: MINDsprinting is FREE! I have never reviewed a site of this caliber without encountering expensive programs, services that many parents simply can't afford. MINDsprinting democratizes education, taking learning to entirely new level. I salute them!

About MINDsprinting

Headquartered in Miami, FL, MINDsprinting offers tailored, directed, worksheet programs for FREE from (www.mindsprinting.com).