New Hampshire Alliance of Boys and Girls Club Approved to Use MINDsprinting

Miami (PRWEB) May 15, 2008 -- MINDsprinting (, the nation's premier online provider of free, directed worksheet tutoring programs in K-12 math and reading, proudly announces that the New Hampshire Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs, using MINDsprinting's curriculum, was approved by the State of New Hampshire's Department of Education to be an SES Provider for the State of New Hampshire (i.e. to provide tutoring services under the NCLB).

"Our clubs have used MINDsprinting's programs over the past few years with great success," says Richard Lowney, President of the New Hampshire Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs. "The educational results were extremely impressive and the kids really enjoyed doing their lessons. They competed amongst themselves to see who could do more - and the older kids even volunteered to mentor the younger ones. Because MINDsprinting integrated so easily with our existing programs and facilities, it enabled us to take our educational efforts to the next level by becoming SES providers."

Easy-to-Use Home Tutoring

MINDsprinting is more than an easy-to-use home tutoring program; the BGCA's experience illustrates how easily MINDsprinting can be incorporated into schools, clubs, and other institutions without taxing their resources. And the enthusiastic response to our programs is something in which we take great pride. Simply put, when students enjoy learning they learn more. That, in a nutshell, is what MINDsprinting is all about," states Douglas J. Golden, Co-Founder and President of MINDsprinting

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