MINDsprinting's Free Math and Reading Tutoring Services

Miami, FL, October 8, 2008 -- MINDsprinting (www.mindsprinting.com), the nation's premier online provider of free, K-12 math and reading directed worksheet tutoring programs, continues to help families during these very difficult economic times. MINDsprinting's free services are a relief for parents and teachers who want an effective and convenient educational resource, in contrast to most brick-and-mortar tutoring centers. Tutoring centers usually cost between $2,000 - $5,000 per student per year while MINDsprinting's proven programs are free and are available anywhere there is access to the Internet and a printer.

"MINDsprinting eliminates the issue of affordability for parents and schools. It may be the one bright spot for families and schools struggling through these difficult times. Now every child can enjoy the benefits of tailored tutoring. For families and teachers who want to improve their kids' K-12 math and reading skills, finally money is not an issue," said Steven Golden, Co-founder and CEO of MINDsprinting. "With more than 45,000 enrollees - and critical acclaim nationwide - obviously the word is starting to spread. All a parent or teacher has to do is visit our site and register - it's that simple. They have nothing to lose - and everything to gain. The comments we receive from users, which we post on the site, say it better than anything I can say. It's very rewarding to see so many people taking advantage of this opportunity to improve their education, and by doing so, improve their lives."

Customized Learning:
MINDsprinting provides an easy-to-use website and proven programs that ensure mastery of necessary math and reading skills before students advance. Interactive assessment tests tailor programs to each student's abilities and needs. MINDsprinting assigns lessons based upon student performance (parents don't have to select lessons like they do on other websites). Students learn and advance at their own pace, which builds self esteem. Lessons are printed for completion so access to the Internet and a printer anywhere (e.g. work, library) enables all families to participate. Each enrolled student receives all reading and math programs for free.

About MINDsprinting

Headquartered in Miami, FL, MINDsprinting offers tailored, directed, worksheet programs for FREE from (www.mindsprinting.com).