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MINDsprinting, an affordable online tutoring system, offers a FREE Assessment Test on their site. This test is not only a great tool for MINDsprinting to create a custom curriculum, but it’s great for parents to assess their child’s skill level. Find out what grade level your child is performing at and what skills he or she needs to work on in reading and math. Learn how you can improve your child’s performance at school and his or her self-esteem. MINDsprinting's FREE Assessment Test tells you what you need to know about your child’s abilities. Results appear on screen when test ends.

The test results are broken up into a general overview – the “big picture”, the concepts that the test covered, the methodology of the test and more information about registering for MINDsprinting. Especially helpful is the concepts page which lists in detail the areas that the student excelled in (such as addition of double integers) or the ones they still need work in (such as division of fractions). Parents can use these results to go over the basics again with their child or share them with a teacher so he or she can help the student learn.

Of course, MINDsprinting offers a great way for kids to succeed in reading and math. Even if a student has mastered skills from their grade level MINDsprinting can accelerate their learning and give them a solid foundation to understand the curriculum ahead of them. If a student is struggling in a certain area MINDsprinting can catch up to their grade level and go beyond.

Click here to take MINDsprinting’s FREE Assessment Test or give the link to a friend!


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