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MINDsprinting, the proven online tutoring solution, offers a unique ability for parents and educators called "Fast Tracking". Unlike most of the other programs out there, MINDsprinting gives parents control over the topics and subjects their child studies. Can use Fast Tracking to make sure their child is studying the exact same topics that he or she is learning in school. If a child needed extra help in multiplication the parent could simply Fast Track them to the right unit and help is on the way. After the child has master the appropriate topic.

Fast Tracking is just one of the ways that MINDsprinting works with parents and educators to make sure that the student is on course to succeed in school. Along with providing parents a level of control MINDsprinting offers an affordable program that has been proven to help kids succeed. For as little as $15 dollars a month with an annual enrollment students can start learning in the comfort of their own home. No extra equipment to buy or driving to tutoring sessions! The same level of tutoring can easily cost hundreds of dollars elsewhere. Click Here to find out more about MINDsprintingís pricing plan and to enroll today.


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